Total Landscape Services


The Grounds Control team has a shared culture with an incredible passion for bringing a blueprint to life.  We absolutely understand our role in building the architect’s and client’s dream landscape.  Being consistent with our installs and understanding each project’s unique demands separates us from the competition.



Maintaining beautiful, lush and responsible landscape comes natural to the Grounds Control team whether you need service for your homeowner's association, apartment community, or commercial or retail space, our trained and certified landscape staff has you covered.



Our Tree Care Division provides you with peace of mind as our certified experts protect your investment and maintain a safe, aesthetically appealing and inviting environment. Our team offers scheduled pruning, tree removal and proactive maintenance, as well as emergency services.



Our Design and Install Division will walk with you step by step to achieve the perfect landscape space at your site. For more than 40 years, our staff has designed and installed beautifully landscaped projects throughout the Valley.

Commercial Landscape


Family owned and operated since 2016 and purchased from internationally known ISS World. Grounds Control Landscape has been in the valley installing and providing maintenance to some of the most prominent projects in the Phoenix area and its surrounding cities for over 30 years. Projects like Camelback Optima, Marana Heights, and The Sanctuary on Camelback, are just a few to be named in the long history of the company. Now, operated fully by Todd and Kellie Huston the company has seen tremendous growth and still retains lifetime employees. With an incredible passion and combined experience of the team at Grounds Control the company has become a household name amongst valley landscape architects. The maintenance division at the company continues to grow, and retain valuable customers as it’s becoming a favorite for nearby cities, including Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, and more!